What is dead code?

  • code that exists within a codebase, but never executes in the runtime.
  • code that executes, but the result is never used.

Nobody in your team knows why it exists, and nobody has the courage to remove it. Most likely this can be a…

We first had polyglot programming: using multiple programming languages to build a system.

Then came polyglot persistence: using multiple types of persistence solutions like RDBMS, NoSQL, etc in parts of a single unified system.

I tried to find any reference to Polyglot APIs on the internet. Surprisingly, I could not find this term being used to describe the polyglot nature of APIs in modern systems. Therefore I thought of defining this myself.

Polyglot APIs: Using various types of APIs in a single system; REST, GraphQL, gRPC, Websockets, etc.

With the advent of microservices architecture, we are realizing that all the above three polyglots can exist in a single system.

The OAuth2 specification(RFC 6749) defines four roles as follows.

  1. Resource Owner
  2. Resource Server
  3. Client
  4. Authorization Server

Before explaining each what each of these roles does, let’s define the following.

2-legged OAuth

Two-legged OAuth processing involves three parties: OAuth client, authorization server, and resource server. The OAuth client can be either…

In an era where artificial intelligence (also known as machine intelligence) is creeping into many software systems, enterprises are trying to leverage them by introducing these techniques to its own enterprise systems. Conventional software is programmed to work with static rules whereas software based on Artificial Intelligence provides a unique…

WSO2 API Manager team will be announcing the release of the 2.6.0 version of its popular API Management product soon. As most of you might know, every release of API Manager comes along with a corresponding analytics distribution which is responsible for batch and real-time analytics. This release is not…

Fazlan Nazeem

Associate Technical Lead @wso2

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